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Local Time: 6:41 pm

Sooo... Finally I had time to write this blog post. I knowyou guys have been waiting for a while, but hopefully you enjoy this blog post even though it is coming up really late. Our Spring Break lasted for about 9 days and we travelled the 24th of September. This trip was amazing in so many ways. I really hope if you guys havent visited Australia yet that you consider taking a trip in the future. There is so many beautiful places to visit and so muchfun things to do :-)

The first stop on our spring break was Cairns. We flew from Gold Coast airport thursday morning and arrived early in Cairns. First we did some sightseeing, then we went to an indoor zoo and after that we ate breakfast/lunch. We checked in at the hostel Gilligans, which was a really cool hostel. They had a swimming pool, big bar area and special dinner deals for the once who was staying at the hostel. You got a meal with a drink for the price of the drink. Not bad if you ask me, so we ended up eating at the hostel both nights. The second day we were here I had to finish my assignment. I had a big portfolio assignment that was due in Spring Break, so I had to finish it early so I could enjoy the rest of the trip. It was the perfect timing to finish it since the girls went to The Great Barrier Reef to dive, since they had their licence. I never took the diving licence, so I never really planned to go there either way. After I finished my assignment I met up with Melody, which we met the first day and we just walked around the city for a while. It was so nice to see the city when the sun was setting. Later on when Oda and Tina was back, we went for dinner and drinks at Gilligans.

After two days in Cairns we picked up our car and started our road trip down the coast. The first stops on our trip was some national parks. The first stop was Wooroonoon National Park. We brought our bathing suits and took a refreshing bath in the waterfall. It was really cold, but after a while we got used to it. There was also one rock where you could slide down. Me and Oda decided to do it. While we were sitting there, we were driven by the water and at some point we thought we made our death wish. Because the water pushed us towards the rocks and we were so sure we were going to hit them. But then suddenly the water stream changed and we were headed in a different direction. Ha ha, we were in shock, but at the same time we could not stop laughing. Not that we chose to do it again, but the whole situation was actually pretty funny.

Me and Oda in action down the waterfall!

The next stop was Millaa Millaa Falls.

After driving a couple of hours to see the national parks we finally arrived ournext destination, Mission Beach. Our travel agent had booked us in at a hostel called Jackaroo Hostel. We arrived late at night and we seriously had no idea that the hostel was placed in the middle of a rainforest. The hostel looked like a big outdoor treehouse. The first thing we got to see was a snake, or I closed my eyes and pretended it was not there, but it was hanging down a little further away. The hostel was actually quite ok, the only reason we were staying there was because we were going to do some extreme rafting the day after. There was nothing else to do or see in Mission Beach. Extreme rafting was seriously so fun. When we received our clothing and helmet, I was struggling because all of the helmets was to big on me. Haha, so they had to give me a children helmet. I was so embarrassed. We rafted 10 km through the rainforest. We got to cliff jump and slide down waterfalls. When we were halfway through our rafting we went to a bbq area and was served some food. Then we continued on. I got really cold during our trip, I was seriously shivering so bad, so one of the guys was kind enough to give me his shirt. After that the guides started calling me the viking princess. Since im norwegian and they thought it was funny that I was so cold since I should be used to the cold weather. Anyway, the trip was really fun!

I noticed after our rafting trip that I had been bitten like 20-25 times by mosquitos and the other girls got none. Haha, just my luck!

Our next stop on our spring break was Airlie Beach, which was a very pretty harbour town. The reason why we travelled here was because of the Whitsundays boat trip. So firstly, we stayed for one night. The first night we met up with some friends and took a few drinks. The next day we went down to the harbour and checked in at the boat Waltzing Mathilda. This was such a beautiful sailing boat and the staff onboard was so nice. If I could stay there for more nights I would. The trip was amazing and so relaxing. We were tanning on deck and all the meals was served on the boat. The first night we had a bbq on deck and then we went to the Whithaven beach. The second day we went snorkelling in the water. It was such an amazing experience and the whitsunday island was magical and so beautiful, words cannot justify that place.

Cheers for a nice boat trip!

When we got back from our overnight stay at the Waltzing Mathilda we had one more day in Airlie Beach. So we decided to go out partying. We had such a great time, but the next day we had to drive to our next destination. We booked a day trip to Fraser Island. I must admit that I had really high expectations for Fraser Island, but I was a little disappointed. It was nice to see and experience the place, but I think the day trip is to short. It was such a long ride on a bumpy beach road. Then we had a rainforest walk, then we went to a beautiful beach where we had 1-2 hours and then we headed back to Hervey Bay were we were staying for the night.

We were so lucky that we got to see dingos in the free at Fraser Island. These looks like cute dogs, but are actually more like wolves. So we were not allowed to step outside the car, but it was still cool to see them from a distance.

We had such an amazing trip during Spring Break. My favourite place was definitely Whitsundays, I really want to go back someday!


    Local time: 2:41 pm

    So its been a while since my last update, but as I told you guys in my last post I had my exams coming up. Now Im finally finished with all of my exams and I must admit that I'm left with a weird, unreal feeling. I cannot believe that the semester is already over. I seriously dont know how to describe what I'm feeling right now, I'm sad but at the same time excited and proud over my accomplishment. A few months ago I moved to other side of the earth, ready to start my new adventure. Now the semester is finished and my adventure down here is coming to an end. The truth is, I'm not ready for it to end, cause I feel like its just getting started. Im not finished with Australia and Im definitely not ready to leave my second home. In less than three weeks, me and Oda is sitting on an airplane travelling to the Philippines and Singapore. So there is still more adventure coming up before were landing in Norway the 16th of December. I just wish we had more time left here too! :-)

    Now Im just going to enjoy the rest of the time we have left in this wonderful place. Here is a little recap from what I have been up the last couple of weeks. Blog post from our spring break and Sydney trip is coming up later on in separate posts.

    Ansa arranged a Scavenger Hunt. We dressed up as the Super Mario characters. This was seriously so much fun. We had a lot of rebus post we had to go through and then the results from the rebus run where announced the week after at a Galla.

    Galla with my sweet girls, finally we got an excuse to wear our nice dresses!

    Me and Kjersti threw a birthday party for Nora, what a fun night!

    We went to a wildlife zoo and got to feed the kangaroos. I cannot believe that happened, I just want to take it with me home!

    Party Party!

    We went surfing in Currumbin with our friend Ben. We met him on our Spring Break. He stayed with us in Surfers for about a week, so much fun having him around!

    I turned 21 november 3rd and my best girls threw me a birthday party. I had the most amazing birthday anyone could ask for and im so lucky I got to spend it with so many amazing people here in Aussieland!

    My best girl Gina turned 25 the same week and we celebrated her birthday, so much fun!

    I hope you guys enjoyed the recap of the last few weeks. The time goes by so fast when your having fun and living life. The quote of today is to capture the moment and do whatever makes you happy. If you ever get the chance to be an exchange student, capture theopportunity. I promise you that you will have the time of your life and you will be left with the greatest memories you could ever wish for!

    More blogposts is coming up later. Talk to you guys soon <3


    Local time: 8:15 am

    So a couple of weeks ago I went to Springbrook National Park with my friends Nora, Kjersti and Andreas. We rented a car for the weekend since we were attending Color Me Rad in Brisbane on sunday. It was much cheaper for us to rent a car for two days than to rent a hostel in Brisbane for a night. So, to make the most use out of our car we decided to go on a road trip to Springbrook National Park on saturday. Normally, peoplemountain hike, but we were not up for it. Instead, we drove to all thelookouts so we could see the nice views over the National Park. The coolest one must have been the cave were there was a hole in the roof and the waterfall was falling through it.

    The view was amazing!

    Sunday morning we had to wake up early, because Color Me Rad started at 9 am in Brisbane. So we used about 1-2 hours to drive from Surfers Paradise to Brisbane. When we came it was a big line to receive all the things we were supposed to get for the event. But, they were out of colourful sunglasses, which was such a bummer because that was what I was looking most forward to receive. Color Me Rad was a 5 km long run or walk, me and Kjersti were the only ones who was interested in running. So we ran for a while and walked the rest. After each kilometre there were people standing with toy guns withcolour and they were shooting at us so we became as colourful as possible. To be honest that was the most fun part about the run. When we reached the finish line there was a DJ playing music. The people on the stage were throwing out colour bags and shooting out colour with toy guns. This was the highlight of the event. We were in general a little disappointed with the event, because we expected that they had everything we were supposed to get for the event when we came and they didnt. Also, we thought that it was more happening, but everybody left around 11 am. So we feel like we paid a lot for just a two hour event. But, were not going to complain, it was a fun experience.

    Since my exams is coming up I dont have time to update the blog. I promise I will update you guys on all the fun stuff that have happened after my exams. My last exam is actually the 13th of November, which means that I am almost finished. Can you believe it? The time goes by too fast.

    I hope everyone is doing alright and I will talk to you soon, byeee! <3


    Local time: 8.04 pm

    The time goes by so fast. We are already in mid september and I have already been here for two months. I can not believe that it has been two whole months. That means that we have less than three months left here before we are back in Norway. So, where to begin .. Last weekend we went to Melbourne. We had to travel by plane from the Brisbane airport. We landed in Melbourne late thursday night and checked in at a hostel called Nomades. This hostel is seriously so good. We stayed at the same hostel brand in Byron Bay and the location of the hostels are really good. Friday morning we went to a caf called Manchester Press, which a friend of Oda recommended. Odas friend lives in Melbourne so she was kind enough to show us around. The cafe she recommended had the best gluten free bagels I have ever eaten. It was seriously so good.

    After breakfast we went on a little sightseeing through the city. We went to a graffiti street, which was a really cool and inspiring street. We also went a little downtown to Fidlerz. This area was really relaxed and had a lot of vintage stores. We went to a rooftop bar/restaurant called Naked For Satan. This rooftop bar had an amazing view over the city and the atmosphere was great. After a little sightseeing we went for some shopping, since we knew they had H&M, Topshop and Zara. Finally some good stores, in Surfers we just have a limited selection of stores.

    At night time we went to a burger restaurant called grilled and they had the best burgers I have eaten since I arrived Australia. Seriously worth a visit if you are in Melbourne. After dinner we went to a pre-party wit Odas friend Pernille and later on we went out to check out the nightlife.

    Saturday morning we went on a road trip down the great ocean road. We started off at 11-12 am and we were back in Melbourne 11 pm. We had so much fun, I really recommend every one to take that trip, even though it is a long drive. The most amazing thing we got to see on our road trip was definitely The Twelve Apostles. We were very lucky since we reached just before sunset. So we brought a little picnic and enjoyed the sunset.

    Sunday morning we started off our day at the Melbourne Market. After the market we went with the train to Brighton Beach. Brighton Beach was really cool. A long the beach it was a lot of multicolored beach box houses. The sand was quite different than we are used to in Surfers. It was a lot of seashells, so we had to be a little careful while walking barefoot. We only had an hour on the beach before we had to head back to Melbourne and reach our flight.

    Melbourne is by far one of the most interesting cities I have ever visited.There is so much culture and I was really impressed with how much the city had to offer. I definitely want to come back one day.


    Local Time: 14:30

    Hi, hows it going? Thats at least how the australians says it, meaning how are you doing? Anyways, its been almost two weeks since my last blog post. So I dont really know where to begin. This week Ive been studying all day for my mid-term exam in project management, which I had on thursday. So weve basically been in the library from morning to late every day from monday to thursday. It was a lot of information to progress, but I think and hope that the exam went well. On wednesday we had a food and wine excursion with our class. We went to a winery in Sirromet and it was so much fun. It was so cool to have a tour around the winery, getting to know some history about wine making and also we had an hour of wine tasting. At lunch time we could chose which kind of wine we wanted with the food and I got a good chicken salad with glass of sparkling wine. It was seriouslyamazing.

    Guess what? We saw wallabies and they are so freaking cute. They are wannabe kangaroos, so they are smaller than actual kangaroos. One of the wallabies carried a baby in its pouch and it was so cute. I seriously want a wallaby with me home.

    On thursday after my exams I went to a doctor and nurses party with some friends. It is so fun that the school arranges a lot of parties. Last time they had a back to school party and now the doctor and nurses party. Last time I went I was sick so I could not drink, but this time I could finally join everybody else, which was quite nice.

    From one party to another. On Friday we were invited to the Peter Pans Super Hero party. The Peter Pans is actually our travel agency. Weve ordered our Byron Bay trip there and also our upcoming Spring Break. So last time we were there they invited us to their super hero party with free drinks and Im so glad we went. We started off the party at their store and afterwords we headed to Melbas and continued the party there.

    Yesterday we just took a quiet day and had some friends over for a dinner and a movie. Now Im ready to start setting goals in my training, so Im going to check out a gym that Oda recommended later on. What are you guys up to?


    Local time: 20:08

    Can we just take a moment and enjoy this view? Its seriously breathtaking ... I just want to go back.So as the title mentioned we went to Byron Bay this weekend that was. We rented a minibus and I travelled along with 9 norwegians. We booked a hostel in the city called Nomade and it was at pretty good weekend filled with a lot of good memories. We arrived friday afternoon after 1.5hour driving. So its not a long trip, but it was good to get away for the weekend. Weve already lived in Australia for a month, so the time is going by way too fast. Friday night we went to a restaurant/bar by the beach and ordered some food. Then we bought some candy and just took a quiet night at the hostel. Saturday morningI went for a run in Byron Bay while some of the people I was traveling with went sky diving. I really wanted to go sky diving myself, but unfortunately I have to be very careful with my money since I havent saved up anything in advance. When the others came back to the hostel they were already ready for their next adventure, which was hang gliding. So I tagged along to take some pictures and it looked so fun.

    After a couple of hours we went out for dinner and ate some mexican food. After dinner we were ready to check out the party life in Byron, so we went to the hostel and had a pre-party. Living at hostels is so much fun, you meet so many different persons and its always a good party. So after a while we headed to Cheeky Monkeys, which is a pretty popular nightclub in Byron.The nightclub is known for dancing on the tables, so thats basically what we did until they closed.

    Sunday morning we went kayaking, unfortunately the weather was not the best, but we tried keeping our happy face on. They told us that if we were lucky we could see some whales, dolphins or turtles, but because of the weather we were not able to see so much. It was raining way too much and we were so cold. So after a couple of hours at the sea in the shortest wetsuits, we finally got back to our car and headed on a sunday road trip. We drove from Byron Bay to the Minyon Falls, so we got to see the water fall and the rainforest, which was quite nice.

    Next stop wasNimbin, which is a known hippie place in Australia. Nimbin was actually just one small street, but it was still very intresting to see. Everyone was walking barefoot and had big, baggy clothes. Its so cool to see how different it is from one place to another. After a short stop in Nimbin, we headed back to Surfers Paradise to celebrate Odas birthday.


    Local time: 22:19

    Hi, long time no see. Finally weve gotten wifi in the apartment, it took them only two weeks to come and set it up. So we had to have a little patience on that front, but finally I can update you guys on whats up in the land down under. Ive decided to try blogging and updating on english, since I can imagine that I will get a lot of english speaking followers over the next few months. So Ive lived in Australia for three weeks, but it seems like Ive been here for much longer than that. I must admit that Ive already fallen in love with this place. It is just so beautiful waking up to the most amazing view over the city every morning. Now, where should I start?

    We started school last monday, and my lectures goes from monday to thursday every week and I only have one course each day. So it is a pretty good schedule. The school system here is quite different than at home. We normally have one lecture and one tutorial/workshop in the same course. The lecture is when the teacher is going through power points and explaining all the course content and in the workshop were collected in smaller groups to either discuss, work on exam related questions or work on assignments. Already on monday I have my first "pop quiz" in the course people and places in the service industries, which will consist of a multiple choice and two writing questions from the first two lectures. Im actually quite nervous, since its our first actual quiz and it counts 5% of our grade. Sounds like a small part, but we have to pass everything to be able to do our exam.

    Other than going to lectures from monday to thursday, weve also been enjoying the beach. Its actually winter here in Australia right now, and normally we would think it would be cold. But here its quite warm during the day and then it gets colder during the afternoon and night time. The temperature switches quite fast from warm to cold. But during the daytime weve been able to sunbathe on the beach, playing volleyball and we also tried surfing for the first time. Seriously!!! Surfing is one of the most fun things Ive ever tried. I actually managed to surf the waves a couple of times. So much fun and Im so excited to go surfing some more during the weeks to come. This week we have a mentor week (fadderuke), I dont know the english word for it, but the mentor week is with ANSA. Which is an insurance company in Norway for students abroad and they also have a lot of fun stuff arranged for the members. So weve had BBQ, PubQuiz and today they arranged a PubCrawl. Ive been sick for two weeks, so I got antibiotic from the doctor here the other day, so Im not able to participate in the Pubcrawl tonight. Still Im sure its gonna be a lot more happening during the semester to come. I just hope I get well soon. Just my luck to get sick at the less convenient times, but hey? You cant participate in everything.

    Well that kind off sums up a bunch of things happening here and I hope you guys will continue following the blog, even though Im blogging in english. My english is far from perfect, but I feel blogging in english will be a good practice for my upcoming exams and assignments. Please let me know if you would like me to write in Norwegian also :-)


    Lokaltid - 16:40

    Heisann. Hvordan str det til?

    N er jeg godt plassert p skolebenken p Griffith University, Gold Coast. Vi startet med forelesningene allerede p mandag. Frste forelesning gikk overraskende bra. Foreleseren snakket veldig tydelig og faget er veldig relevant til studiet. I dag starter ikke forelesningen fr klokken 17:00. S da dro jeg inn til skolen litt tidligere med lunsj til Tina og Oda som hadde en forelesning tidlig p dagen ogs. Siden det har vi bare vandret rundt p Campus og meldt oss p litt aktiviteter. Neste fredag er det Back To School Party som campus arrangerer, s det blir veldig kjekt. Siden sist har det skjedd ganske mye. Jeg har vrt en tur innom Brisbane med min sster og ektemannen, ellers har vi vrt p bowling, innflyttningsfest, ute p byen, u name it. Det skjer veldig mye kjekt i Surfers og vi har allerede blitt en god gjeng. Blir en veldig kort oppdatering i dag, men lover bli flinkere blogge nr nettet er p plass i leiligheten neste onsdag. Ha en fin dag dere!


    Lokaltid - 08:31

    God morgen sunshines!

    Frste oppdatering fra "The Land Down Under, Australia". Det frste jeg m f sagt er at dette er det fineste stedet i verden og det er nesten uvirkelig at jeg skal bo her i 5 mneder. Tiden kommer til g alt for fort. Jeg, Oda og Tina ankom Brisbane p torsdag, veldig tidlig om morningen. Derfra dro vi direkte til hostellet og begynte leilighetsjakten med en gang. Vi var ganske jetlagged hele gjengen, s etter hvert som timene gikk fikk vi mindre og mindre tlmodighet nr det kom til leilighetsjakten. Vi gikk dr til dr og det var helt umulig finne ledig 3 roms leilighet. S til slutt tok vi oss til takke med en 2 roms leilighet. N skal det sies at denne leiligheten er noe av det fineste jeg har sett noen gang. Vi har balkong rundt hele leilighet og solen er oppe hos oss hele dagen. Leiligheten er stor og fin, s at vi m bytte litt p ha det store rommet alene, det skal nok g helt fint.

    Vi var p skolen p mandag, for da startet nemlig orientation week. Her fikk vi all info vi trengte angende skolen og alt vi mtte ordne fr timene starter n p mandag. S n har jeg heldigvis ftt ordnet det siste jeg trengte ha i orden. Jeg har ftt godkjent fire fag som jeg skal ha i lpet av semesteret. Det er - Introduction to Research, Food and Wine Tourism, Project Managemenet, People and Places in the Service Industries. Jeg kjenner det kribler litt i magen. Jeg skal ha skole fra mandag til torsdag og ellers har jeg fredag til sndag fri, blir veldig herlig ha langfri i helgene.

    N skal jeg snart ta meg en liten treningskt fr vi skal i banken f ordnet oss noen australske banker. Vi har nemlig ikke ftt wifi i leiligheten enda, og alt her nede krever nesten at du har en australsk bank. S da m det ordnes, vi fr nok ikke nett i leiligheten fr om 10 dager. Skal prve f oppdatert dere fr den tid, men foretrekker ikke bruke mobilnettet uten at det hyst ndvendig :-)

    Utsikten fra leiligheten vr i 27.etasje.. Er ikke det fint? <3


    One step closer ..

    Det begynner bli s virkelig. I dag fikk vi pristilbud og reiserute av Kilroy. Vi valgte ta i bruk et reiseselskap siden prisene til Australia er ganske dyre. Da vi sjekket prisen sist var tur-retur billetten p ca 10 000 - 11 000, og nr vi nsker reise utenom det, da var det uaktuelt. S da satte jeg, Oda og Tina sammen en nsket reise og sendte foresprsel til Kilroy. I en ukes tid har vi har vrt i dialog med dem frem og tilbake. N har vi endelig ftt et tilbud vi er veldig fornyd med. Vi reiser 14.juli, noe som er bare litt over 2 mneder til, ihh. Kan ikke tro at det er bare 2 mneder til jeg faktisk flytter til Australia. Det er litt uvirkelig. Har alltid drmt om studere utenlands, men da jeg var p nippet til gjre det sist gang, da backet jeg ut. S da ble det Stavanger i stedet, noe jeg virkeilg ikke angrer et sekund p. Jeg tror at alt skjer for en grunn, s det var virkelig meningen at Stavanger skulle bli mitt hjem. Akkurat som at det n er meningen at jeg skal studere i Australia i et halvt r, ha ha. P veien hjem skal jeg, Oda og Tina innom blant annet Filippinene. Her fr vi 1 dag i hovedstaden Manila, deretter flyr vi videre til Boracay hvor vi skal tilbringe 2 uker. Etter en god stund p Boracay flyr vi til Singapore hvor vi fr 4 dager fr turen brer hjem igjen til Norge i midten av desember. For et eventyr vi har i vente. I morgen skal jeg ringe vaksinekontoret, slik at jeg fr alle vaksinene jeg trenger fr reisen. Jeg fikk ogs bekreftelse fra Griffith University i dag om at fagene jeg sendte inn var godkjent. S da mangler jeg bare CoE for ske visum, noe vi har ftt informasjon om at vi skal motta i lpet av uken. Ellers er det selvsagt en del andre ting som m vre p plass fr avreise, som forsikring og sking av ln og stipend.

    Jeg kan ikke gjre annet en glede meg. Jeg kjenner jeg trenger dette, det blir godt med en forandring. Det blir kjekt se hvordan studentlivet i Australia er. Jeg har jo trossalt gtt p skole her hjemme i Norge i snart 15 r. 15 r uten noen srlige forandringer.

    Har du vrt p utveksling?
    Hvis du har - hvilken erfaring sitter du igjen med og har du noen tips?

    Flg gjerne bloggen min p facebook>her<


    For en fantastisk morgen det har vrt, kan nesten ikke sette ord p den flelsen jeg har i kroppen. Jeg vknet til en melding fra Kjersti hvor hun spurte om jeg hadde sjekket mailen min. Da hoppet jeg opp av sengen, gikk inn p mailen og der hadde jeg mottatt "acceptance letter". S da har jeg offisielt kommet inn og jeg skal ikke la sjansen g fra meg. Gleder meg som en liten unge til reise, det kommer til bli en fantastisk opplevelse. Jeg skal ta 5.semester p Griffith University i Australia i stedet for ta det hjemme i Stavanger og vi drar allerede i midten av juli. Jeg m jeg dra nesten rett etter jeg har kommet hjem fra USA i sommer. Det kommer til bli mye gjre fr jeg reiser til USA. Vi m blant annet si opp leiligheten vr, vaske og rydde ut. Blir kjempe trist forlate denne leiligheten. Det har vrt hjemmet mitt i over et r n og jeg har blitt sinnsykt glad i den. Tenk at man kan bli s glad i en leilighet. Noen andre som kjenner seg igjen? Jeg har heldigvis ordnet meg plass til tingene mine. Min sster og ektemannen har kjpt seg hus i Stavanger og de har vrt s snill la meg oppbevare alle tingene mine der.

    Framover m jeg bare spare for fullt og jobbe, jobbe, jobbe. Jeg har vrt veldig slapp p sparefronten, men jeg vet at jeg blir flinkere n som det endelig er offisielt. Skal ogs bli flinkere til sette opp budsjett og ikke slse penger i hytt og pine. Det er fortsatt mye som m gjres. Jeg m betale innmeldingsavgift for sikre skoleplassen, ske visum, finne leilighet, bestille flybilletter, you name it. S hvis dere har noen tips s setter jeg stor pris p det.

    Har du vrt p utveksling i Australia fr? Har du noen tips?

    Hvis du ikke har meldt deg p konkurransen enda, da kan du gjre det hvis du trykker deg inn p denne linken>her<.
    1.premie- Gavekort p 2 netter/helg, overnatting inklusiv frokost, for 2 personer p valgfritt Scandic hotell.
    2.premie- Gavekort p frokost for 2 personer, som ogs kan benyttes p valgfritt Scandic hotell.

    #utveksling #australia #griffithuniversity #skole #semester #brisbane #reise


    N er sknadsprosessen i gang, og frstevalget er Griffith University i Australia. Er det et sted jeg har hatt lyst til reise til lenge s er det Australia. Jeg er jo en veldig reiselysten person og liker forandring. I dag var vi p informasjonsmte om sknadsprosessen og det er jo en veldig lang prosess, men jeg vet det blir verd det. S lenge karakterene holder selvflgelig, men forhpentligvis fr jeg hvert fall muligheten til et av alternativene jeg sker p. P andreplass har jeg valgt Hawaii og p tredjeplass New Zealand. Det som er bra med Australia er at jeg trenger ikke stresse s mye med spare opp penger, i og med at vi har lov til jobbe der nede. Hva er vel bedre enn prve ut hvordan det er jobbe i et annet land ogs? For en opplevelse tenker bare jeg. Jeg skal jo allerede til USA i sommer ogs, s det blir mye spare til, men n skal jeg stramme budsjettet framover. Hvis jeg kommer inn i Australia starter vi mest sannsynlig allerede i midten av Juli, s da er det nok avreise allerede et par dager etter jeg har kommet hjem fra USA. Jeg har allerede laget klar sknaden om forhndsgodkjenning av fag og det var ikke lett velge. Man kan jo studere s mange forskjellige, spennende fag.

    Midt i denne sknadsprosessen er jeg opptatt med eksamensinnlevering som skal inn i morgen og skriftlig eksamen som foregr p fredag. Faget vi holder p med n er reiselivsplanlegging, og i gruppeoppgaven vr driver vi utvikler et reiselivsprodukt som kan vre attraktiv for den destinasjonen vi har valgt. Veldig spennende, men det er ogs tidskrevende. Vi har holdt p med oppgaven i flere uker n og er fortsatt langt i fra ferdig. Oppgaven som skal leveres skal vre p rundt 25 sider. Satser p at vi klarer bli ferdige med den i kveld, slik at vi fr hele morgendagen og torsdagen disponibel til eksamenslesing.

    P fredag kommer min kjre Miriam p besk, guu som jeg gleder meg. Fikk sett henne s vidt i julen, s det blir godt ha henne her i et par dager. P fredag skal vi p bowling med jobben min og kanskje det blir en aldri s liten bytur ogs.

    Har du vrt p utveksling fr? Har du noen spare-tips?

  • Silje Eriksen

    Bergenser som flyttet til Stavanger hsten 2013. Blogger om livet som student, mote, kosthold og trening. Hsten 2015 kan dere flge meg p mitt eventyr som utvekslingsstudent i Australia :-)

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