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Local Time: 7:47 pm

Thursday morning we left the beautiful island Boracay. We had some amazing few days there and the last day was well spent at the beach. Our flight from Caticlan went early in the morning, so we arrived quite early in Manila. This time we checked in at a five star hotel in the city. The reason why we booked a hotel room this time instead of a hostel was because of our first impression of the city. When we first arrived the Philippines it was so much slum and certain areas was dangerous and not recommended. So to be on the safe side this time we did some research online for a place that was safe and recommended. We got a great deal on the hotel, so we were really stoked. The hotel is called "Makati Dimonds Residences" and we got a studio apartment. We did not expect a luxury room even though it was a five star hotel. But as soon as we entered the lobby we felt like we were being treated like royals. The service was beyond amazing. They brought our bags to our room and the room even had a door bell. The room was seriously so stunning, I cannot even justify it with words. The hotel also offered a huge gym, swimming pool, spa, etc. We only used the gym, but it was so nice to have a proper workout even though we are on a holiday. The breakfast was not included, but the price was not too bad. It was about 650 pesos each, which is around 120 NOK. The breakfast was definitely worth the money, they had a good selection of everything. We did not have that much time in Manila to go sightseeing, so we ended up just charging our batteries at the hotel and just walking through the big mall that was across the road, ha ha.

A little christmas spirit in Manila!

After spending one night in Manila we left early for the airport to reach our flight to Singapore. We checked in at a hostel located in Chinatown. The location is quite ok and it is easy to get around with the bus. Today we walked from the hostel to the Bugis Street, which took about 20-25 minutes. In this street they have a lot of discounted stuff. So we just walked around the area and went for some shopping. They also had super cheap juices. I bought a dragonfruit/kiwi juice for about $1 and it was so good and refreshing. The weather was cloudy, but still it has been really hot. After some sightseeing and window-shopping we went to Arab Street, which is a very cool street. They had a lot of arabian restaurants and clothing shops. We decided to eat at one of the restaurants and it was so interesting to try out real kebab. While we were eating it started pouring rain. The taxi driver told us yesterday that it is raining season here in Singapore. So I think we should consider investing in an umbrella. Now were just chilling the rest of the day and then doing some more sightseeing tomorrow.

This was the food me and Oda shared at the arabian restaurant, it looks good right?

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