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So a couple of weeks ago I went to Springbrook National Park with my friends Nora, Kjersti and Andreas. We rented a car for the weekend since we were attending Color Me Rad in Brisbane on sunday. It was much cheaper for us to rent a car for two days than to rent a hostel in Brisbane for a night. So, to make the most use out of our car we decided to go on a road trip to Springbrook National Park on saturday. Normally, peoplemountain hike, but we were not up for it. Instead, we drove to all thelookouts so we could see the nice views over the National Park. The coolest one must have been the cave were there was a hole in the roof and the waterfall was falling through it.

The view was amazing!

Sunday morning we had to wake up early, because Color Me Rad started at 9 am in Brisbane. So we used about 1-2 hours to drive from Surfers Paradise to Brisbane. When we came it was a big line to receive all the things we were supposed to get for the event. But, they were out of colourful sunglasses, which was such a bummer because that was what I was looking most forward to receive. Color Me Rad was a 5 km long run or walk, me and Kjersti were the only ones who was interested in running. So we ran for a while and walked the rest. After each kilometre there were people standing with toy guns withcolour and they were shooting at us so we became as colourful as possible. To be honest that was the most fun part about the run. When we reached the finish line there was a DJ playing music. The people on the stage were throwing out colour bags and shooting out colour with toy guns. This was the highlight of the event. We were in general a little disappointed with the event, because we expected that they had everything we were supposed to get for the event when we came and they didnt. Also, we thought that it was more happening, but everybody left around 11 am. So we feel like we paid a lot for just a two hour event. But, were not going to complain, it was a fun experience.

Since my exams is coming up I dont have time to update the blog. I promise I will update you guys on all the fun stuff that have happened after my exams. My last exam is actually the 13th of November, which means that I am almost finished. Can you believe it? The time goes by too fast.

I hope everyone is doing alright and I will talk to you soon, byeee! <3

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