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Hi, hows it going? Thats at least how the australians says it, meaning how are you doing? Anyways, its been almost two weeks since my last blog post. So I dont really know where to begin. This week Ive been studying all day for my mid-term exam in project management, which I had on thursday. So weve basically been in the library from morning to late every day from monday to thursday. It was a lot of information to progress, but I think and hope that the exam went well. On wednesday we had a food and wine excursion with our class. We went to a winery in Sirromet and it was so much fun. It was so cool to have a tour around the winery, getting to know some history about wine making and also we had an hour of wine tasting. At lunch time we could chose which kind of wine we wanted with the food and I got a good chicken salad with glass of sparkling wine. It was seriouslyamazing.

Guess what? We saw wallabies and they are so freaking cute. They are wannabe kangaroos, so they are smaller than actual kangaroos. One of the wallabies carried a baby in its pouch and it was so cute. I seriously want a wallaby with me home.

On thursday after my exams I went to a doctor and nurses party with some friends. It is so fun that the school arranges a lot of parties. Last time they had a back to school party and now the doctor and nurses party. Last time I went I was sick so I could not drink, but this time I could finally join everybody else, which was quite nice.

From one party to another. On Friday we were invited to the Peter Pans Super Hero party. The Peter Pans is actually our travel agency. Weve ordered our Byron Bay trip there and also our upcoming Spring Break. So last time we were there they invited us to their super hero party with free drinks and Im so glad we went. We started off the party at their store and afterwords we headed to Melbas and continued the party there.

Yesterday we just took a quiet day and had some friends over for a dinner and a movie. Now Im ready to start setting goals in my training, so Im going to check out a gym that Oda recommended later on. What are you guys up to?


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    Can we just take a moment and enjoy this view? Its seriously breathtaking ... I just want to go back.So as the title mentioned we went to Byron Bay this weekend that was. We rented a minibus and I travelled along with 9 norwegians. We booked a hostel in the city called Nomade and it was at pretty good weekend filled with a lot of good memories. We arrived friday afternoon after 1.5hour driving. So its not a long trip, but it was good to get away for the weekend. Weve already lived in Australia for a month, so the time is going by way too fast. Friday night we went to a restaurant/bar by the beach and ordered some food. Then we bought some candy and just took a quiet night at the hostel. Saturday morningI went for a run in Byron Bay while some of the people I was traveling with went sky diving. I really wanted to go sky diving myself, but unfortunately I have to be very careful with my money since I havent saved up anything in advance. When the others came back to the hostel they were already ready for their next adventure, which was hang gliding. So I tagged along to take some pictures and it looked so fun.

    After a couple of hours we went out for dinner and ate some mexican food. After dinner we were ready to check out the party life in Byron, so we went to the hostel and had a pre-party. Living at hostels is so much fun, you meet so many different persons and its always a good party. So after a while we headed to Cheeky Monkeys, which is a pretty popular nightclub in Byron.The nightclub is known for dancing on the tables, so thats basically what we did until they closed.

    Sunday morning we went kayaking, unfortunately the weather was not the best, but we tried keeping our happy face on. They told us that if we were lucky we could see some whales, dolphins or turtles, but because of the weather we were not able to see so much. It was raining way too much and we were so cold. So after a couple of hours at the sea in the shortest wetsuits, we finally got back to our car and headed on a sunday road trip. We drove from Byron Bay to the Minyon Falls, so we got to see the water fall and the rainforest, which was quite nice.

    Next stop wasNimbin, which is a known hippie place in Australia. Nimbin was actually just one small street, but it was still very intresting to see. Everyone was walking barefoot and had big, baggy clothes. Its so cool to see how different it is from one place to another. After a short stop in Nimbin, we headed back to Surfers Paradise to celebrate Odas birthday.


    Local time: 13:52

    Hi sunshines!

    Today I woke up at 6 am to go for a run. I had to wake up early if I wanted to take a workout before school. I ran from our apartment to main beach and then back again. I love running by the sea and today I actually got to see the sunrise, which was beautiful. On tuesdays my class starts at 9 am, which is the earliest day during my week. Today we had "introduction to research". The workshop were interesting as usual, we learnt a lot about referencing and how to do our assignment due next friday. In our first assignment we have to do a literature review, which is quite new for me. Im not used to write literature reviews and here everything seems way more complicated than in Norway. Luckily, Im really happy with our tutor. I feel like I learn a lot and his teaching methods are really good. The lectures on the other hand is more boring and hard to keep track on. We have different teachers in our workshops and lectures, even though it is the same course.

    After school I made an amazing green smoothie and since I thought it was so good I decided to share the recipe on my blog.

    All you need is: lemon, cucumber, spinach, broccoli, avocado, mango, apple juice and a little water.
    Optinal: I topped it off with some good mix superfood "Blend 11" (which I bought at a market here in Surfers Paradise), almonds and some strawberries.


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    So I figured its been a long time since I last posted any outfit pictures on the blog, so today I got Siri to take some pictures. What do you think of the outfit?

    Sweather & playsuit - American Eagle Outfitters / Watch & Bag - Michael Kors / Shoes - Converse /


    I never really posted all the pictures from my US trip with Tayla. The hostels we were staying at didnt have any goodwifi connections and for some reason my computer werent able to charge with the adapter. So I didnt have any battery left on it either. So I figured I could just make a short recap from the rest of our trip here in this blogpost.

    My last update from the US were when we arrived in Orlando. In Orlando we went to an outlet (Orlando Premium Outlets), which was quite good to be honest. They had a lot of great stores and good deals. I bought a new pair of Nikes, some fitness clothing's and a pair of converse. We also went to the Magic Kingdom at the fourth of july. I must admit I become a child every time I participate in child activities. I was so stoked when I saw the "Winnie the Pooh" attraction. I remember how much I loved it when I was a child. We went on two rides, but it wasnt a lot of things for us to do at our age. But in overall it was worth the trip, I really enjoyed it.

    Me and Winnie the Pooh have something in common. We both love honey!

    During our trip we got a lot of questions if we were sisters/twins, so ironically I had to Facebook this picture and say that I couldnt understand why people could think we were related :D

    After our short road trip to Orlando we headed back to Miami for a couple of days. I really recommend Miami Beach, its so beautiful and you get a good breeze. Its hot but bearable. We went from the insane heat in Las Vegas to the breeze by the beach in Miami. The people we met in Miami told us that it was so hot and we were like, well then you havent been to Vegas, this is nothing compared. Ha ha. Our last day in Miami, Tayla decided that we needed to take a look at the Miami Ink studio. We had been talking about getting a tattoo for a while, but we didnt plan on doing it that day. We just wanted to take a look, since Miami Ink is so popular. Spontaneously we were standing there talking to the tattoo artists and suddenly we were both getting a tattoo.

    Im so happy with the result, simple but at the same time just the way I imagined it to look like.

    After a couple of good days in Miami we travelled to our last destination of the trip, New York. In New York we had a couple of chill days, walking around in the city, shopping, boat sightseeing where we got to see the statue of liberty and finishing the trip with lunch in Central Park.


    Local time: 22:19

    Hi, long time no see. Finally weve gotten wifi in the apartment, it took them only two weeks to come and set it up. So we had to have a little patience on that front, but finally I can update you guys on whats up in the land down under. Ive decided to try blogging and updating on english, since I can imagine that I will get a lot of english speaking followers over the next few months. So Ive lived in Australia for three weeks, but it seems like Ive been here for much longer than that. I must admit that Ive already fallen in love with this place. It is just so beautiful waking up to the most amazing view over the city every morning. Now, where should I start?

    We started school last monday, and my lectures goes from monday to thursday every week and I only have one course each day. So it is a pretty good schedule. The school system here is quite different than at home. We normally have one lecture and one tutorial/workshop in the same course. The lecture is when the teacher is going through power points and explaining all the course content and in the workshop were collected in smaller groups to either discuss, work on exam related questions or work on assignments. Already on monday I have my first "pop quiz" in the course people and places in the service industries, which will consist of a multiple choice and two writing questions from the first two lectures. Im actually quite nervous, since its our first actual quiz and it counts 5% of our grade. Sounds like a small part, but we have to pass everything to be able to do our exam.

    Other than going to lectures from monday to thursday, weve also been enjoying the beach. Its actually winter here in Australia right now, and normally we would think it would be cold. But here its quite warm during the day and then it gets colder during the afternoon and night time. The temperature switches quite fast from warm to cold. But during the daytime weve been able to sunbathe on the beach, playing volleyball and we also tried surfing for the first time. Seriously!!! Surfing is one of the most fun things Ive ever tried. I actually managed to surf the waves a couple of times. So much fun and Im so excited to go surfing some more during the weeks to come. This week we have a mentor week (fadderuke), I dont know the english word for it, but the mentor week is with ANSA. Which is an insurance company in Norway for students abroad and they also have a lot of fun stuff arranged for the members. So weve had BBQ, PubQuiz and today they arranged a PubCrawl. Ive been sick for two weeks, so I got antibiotic from the doctor here the other day, so Im not able to participate in the Pubcrawl tonight. Still Im sure its gonna be a lot more happening during the semester to come. I just hope I get well soon. Just my luck to get sick at the less convenient times, but hey? You cant participate in everything.

    Well that kind off sums up a bunch of things happening here and I hope you guys will continue following the blog, even though Im blogging in english. My english is far from perfect, but I feel blogging in english will be a good practice for my upcoming exams and assignments. Please let me know if you would like me to write in Norwegian also :-)

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