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Local Time: 7:50 am



Yesterday was a long but great day. We started our day with breakfast at Stone, where I ate a plate with eggs, potato, beans and bacon and Oda ordered a burrito. I don´t think the philippine people know how to make healthy breakfast, everything is just unhealthy unless you just order some fruits, haha. Anyway, after breakfast we went to Ariel´s Point office and waited there for an hour until we were picked up by a boat. The boat trip took about 40 minutes. When we arrived we saw a big outdoor house area which was built out on the rocks, it was so nice. We were walking through caves on the way to the top and the rocks were so stunning. At the top there were so many nice seating areas and people started cliff jumping right away. There were three different cliff jumps, 5 meters, 8 meters and 15 meters. Oda jumped all three and I did none. When I was supposed to jump at 5 meters my hole body just froze. So I decided not to jump this time. I did some cliff jumping when we were rafting in Spring Break, but then I didn´t know how high it was, so I think it made it easier to jump, haha. Oda on the other hand was so brave. I was so scared for her when she jumped at 8 and 15. I actually think I got more scared on her behalf than she did herself. After cliff jumping we were served some BBQ and just spent the rest of the day enjoying the sun and taking some pictures. If we wanted to we could also do some snorkelling and kayaking. On the way back from Ariel´s Point there were so big waves. So it was like a roller coaster ride on the water all the way back with big splashes of water coming all over us, constantly. It was actually pretty fun, since the air is so hot and the water gave us a little cool off. Later on, we decided to just order some sushi take away. The sushi down here is seriously the best sushi I have ever eaten. This is actually the first time I have tried sushi with raw fish and surprisingly I loved it. 

This was when Oda jumped from 15 meters. I promise you that it looks higher in real life than it does in this photo. The photo cannot give the height justice. I was so scared on Odas behalf, haha, she's crazy! :D


    Local time: 6:45 pm

    Uy, kung paano ang pagpunta dito? (Hei, hvordan går det?)


    We´re in BORACAY! I cannot believe it. Me and Oda left Surfers Paradise saturday morning. It was weird to say goodbye to the place that has been our home for the last five months. I´m going to miss that place so much and i´m already looking forward to go back to Australia some day. Our plane left from Brisbane. So we we´re picked up 5 in the morning and then our plane left for Sydney about 8:30. We didn´t have much time between our flights, so our flight to Manila left about an hour after landing in Sydney. We had to go through security and when I got through I saw that Oda was picked out to random checks by the security. So I checked our plane tickets and I saw that we only had 5 minutes until the gate was opening. So I ran to the gate and barely made it in time. Then they said the plane was delayed and I was so happy. So I called Oda and said that our plane was delayed. I had the biggest plan about running and stopping them from leaving without us. But luckily they were delayed, so everything turned out ok. 

    The flight from Sydney to Manila took about 8-9 hours. We were sleeping almost all the way, except from when we got food. I must say that Quantas Airways impressed me. The food was so good and they actually managed to give both gluten and dairy free food and snacks, so I was in heaven. When we arrived in Manila we ordered a Uber, since we were supposed to stay in Santa Cruz for the night. When we were waiting, some people came up to us and asked us where we were headed. They told us that the area we had booked a hostel in was really bad and they wouldn´t recommend us going there and also it would take us several of hours to arrive since the traffic was horrible at this hour.  So they gave us a tip to stay at hotel/hostel close to terminal 3, nearby the airport. Also the hotel/hostel provided us with free shuffle from and to the airport. So we stayed there a night instead and left for the airport early sunday morning to reach our flight to Caticlan. We arrived Caticlan around 9-10 sunday morning and from Caticlan we took the ferry to Boracay. 

    We took a motorbike taxi from the harbour to our hotel. The transport was so funny, it was like a box that was attached to a motorbike. Our hotel is placed on the beach and it has a beachy, hawaiian, tribe look and vibe. It is so cool and the atmosphere is great. When we checked in we received some welcoming drinks and they were so good. Our room wasn´t ready when we arrived, so we ordered some breakfast and just enjoyed the view. When our room was ready we left our stuff there and went to the beach. The beaches here are so beautiful. After a couple of hours on the beach we decided to take a break from the sun, so we brought our books to the bar/restaurant area and we sat down in a hammock each. This is seriously the most relaxing place I´ve ever been to, exactly what we both needed. Later on, we went to a greek restaurant that one of the staff recommended and then we ended our night early since we were so tired of all the travelling. 

    Ahhh... This is what I call living the good life... and by the way, this is one of the best mango juices I´ve ever tried. The mango down here is magical! 

    Today we woke up early. Ate some breakfast, we tried a traditional fillipino dish. It was actually pretty good. Then we went to white beach, which is on the other side of the island, but it just takes about 10 minutes to walk. We rented some sun chairs and then we stayed there for a couple of hours. The sand was so white and the water was crystal clear. It was one of the nicest beaches I´ve seen, besides Whitsundays. After the beach we went for a massage. We booked a one hour full body massage and it was the best massage I´ve had. Money well spent. Me and Oda quickly decided that we have to take one more before we leave, haha. Now were just chilling with some fruits in the bar/restaurant area before we´re headed out for dinner later on. Tomorrow we´re planning on cliff jumping at Ariel´s Point. The cliff is about 20 meters high, so I´m a little nervous, but also really excited. 

    Superman to the rescue :D haha, me and Oda got a big laugh when we saw this photo!

    Boracay, we love you! 

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