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So its been a while since my last update, but as I told you guys in my last post I had my exams coming up. Now I´m finally finished with all of my exams and I must admit that I'm left with a weird, unreal feeling. I cannot believe that the semester is already over. I seriously don´t know how to describe what I'm feeling right now, I'm sad but at the same time excited and proud over my accomplishment. A few months ago I moved to other side of the earth, ready to start my new adventure. Now the semester is finished and my adventure down here is coming to an end. The truth is, I'm not ready for it to end, cause I feel like its just getting started. I´m not finished with Australia and I´m definitely not ready to leave my second home. In less than three weeks, me and Oda is sitting on an airplane travelling to the Philippines and Singapore. So there is still more adventure coming up before were landing in Norway the 16th of December. I just wish we had more time left here too! :-)

Now I´m just going to enjoy the rest of the time we have left in this wonderful place. Here is a little recap from what I have been up the last couple of weeks. Blog post from our spring break and Sydney trip is coming up later on in separate posts.

Ansa arranged a Scavenger Hunt. We dressed up as the Super Mario characters. This was seriously so much fun. We had a lot of rebus post we had to go through and then the results from the rebus run where announced the week after at a Galla. 




Galla with my sweet girls, finally we got an excuse to wear our nice dresses!

Me and Kjersti threw a birthday party for Nora, what a fun night! 

We went to a wildlife zoo and got to feed the kangaroos. I cannot believe that happened, I just want to take it with me home! 

Party Party!

We went surfing in Currumbin with our friend Ben. We met him on our Spring Break. He stayed with us in Surfers for about a week, so much fun having him around! 

I turned 21 november 3rd and my best girls threw me a birthday party. I had the most amazing birthday anyone could ask for and i´m so lucky I got to spend it with so many amazing people here in Aussieland! 

My best girl Gina turned 25 the same week and we celebrated her birthday, so much fun! 

I hope you guys enjoyed the recap of the last few weeks. The time goes by so fast when your having fun and living life. The quote of today is to capture the moment and do whatever makes you happy. If you ever get the chance to be an exchange student, capture the opportunity. I promise you that you will have the time of your life and you will be left with the greatest memories you could ever wish for! 

More blogposts is coming up later. Talk to you guys soon <3


  • 22.11.2015 kl.15:12
    Kjempe fine bilder <3 Ha en super fin Søndag videre :D

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